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The Brown Horse mission is simple—love others as we have been loved, all to point to God and His great love. We hope you'll join us.


There are ALWAYS opportunities for engagement and partnership with Brown Horse Projects and our mission. We believe that God has given us each a gift or talent to be used to love others and point others to Him.


If you're here and you are interested in our mission know that there is a place for you.


Our team prepares several short-term medical and arts mission trips each year to Haiti and to Haitian villages in the Dominican Republic. Each trip requires a team with various skills, so we strongly encourage friends from all fields, backgrounds and ages to apply if they feel called to join us—whether from medical, arts, business or education fields, students, engineers, evangelists, sons, daughters, captains or underdogs, all are welcome. Each trip requires fundraising for supplies. And, of course, prayer covering. So join us if you're called. Help with fundraising if you're able. Pray alongside us.


There is also an opportunity to partner with Brown Horse Projects on an ongoing basis through monthly support of BHP Medical Clinic Balan, Haiti. The operating costs of the clinic monthly cover staff salaries, all medication and lab tests, cleaning, supplies and emergency medical transportation when necessary.


Project specifics for our clinic, upcoming mission trips and current needs can be found below. Join our mailing list, follow us on Facebook or Instagram or contact us for additional information.



Medicine is healing.

BHP Medical Clinic Haiti is open year-round in Haiti and provides compassionate family medical care to people without access. Brown Horse medical mission teams visit Haiti and Haitian villages in the Dominican Republic several times each year.



Water is essential.

Brown Horse Projects partners with leaders of the communities where we work to conduct testing and water filter projects, done as needed to gauge water availability, well access and bacteria levels. Our goal is to maximize clean water access.



Art is restorative.

Incorporating creativity, imagination, art and music into medical mission work embraces the concept of whole health. Arts engage the mind, body, soul, bring joy, provide a safe outlet for trauma healing, and are integral to sharing and spreading the light of Christ.

BHP Medical Clinic

BHP Medical Clinic Haiti opened in October of 2019 and currently employs a Haitian staff of ten. The team serves the village Balan and surrounding areas by offering quality, affordable family medical care four days per week in a safe, loving environment. 


Satellite Girls Soccer Team

sponsored by BHP Medical Clinic Haiti

Meet the girls of the Satellite Girls Soccer Team sponsored by BHP Medical Clinic Haiti. Ranging in age from seven to 19, Satellite's team of 26 girls is led by three coaches, who try to instill in the girls the ideas of teamwork, camaraderie and healthy living, in addition to helping them hone their skills on the field. Games are typically played a 30-plus-minute drive from the village. Brown Horse has worked to help with some of the additional financial difficulties for the coaches and the girls' families as transportation, water and supplies are expensive.

As part of our goal for whole health - mind, body, spirit - BHP Medical Clinic Haiti regularly supports community events and groups like Satellite.




JOHN 8:32

Mission Trips


Medical Mission Trips

Please submit a complete application if interested in joining a team. Repeat team members do not need to complete pages 5 and 10. If you'd like to support through purchasing supplies or donate for medications please see below.


Brown Horse Projects is working with local contractors and our team on the ground in Haiti to maintain and test the water well located in the courtyard of BHP Medical Clinic Haiti.


Music and Arts Mission Trips

Come! Calling artists and musicians who'd like to travel with us this year! Let us sing joyfully to the Lord! Let us shout for joy to the rock of our salvation. Psalm 95:1


Come and sing joyfully to the Lord is exactly what we do. Music and art are an important piece of our mission to spread the love of Christ. We are looking for passionate creatives to come on our mission trips. Join our team as we work alongside the medical teams, providing health education, worship music and sharing the Gospel message during clinic days.

Please submit a complete application if interested in joining a team. Repeat team members do not need to complete pages 5 and 10.