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Spring Medical/Water Trip to the Dominican Republic

Updated: May 26, 2021

A month+ home from our week-long medical/water mission trip to Barahona, Dominican Republic and I wanted to share some cool stuff that happened while we were away.

The Grace & Peace Missionary Fellowship mission house and medical clinic were beautiful and clean, our hosts kind and hospitable, our trip was productive, inspiring and memorable. The week proved much easier physically than our previous trips to the other side of the island. We had beds to sleep on, restrooms in our rooms and enjoyed wonderful island food prepared by a gracious kitchen crew. Our team was treated to the best interpreters I’ve ever worked with, we enjoyed evening moments where we shared intimate devotions and stories of the day, about life, about love and hard times, about stars and galaxies.

There were miracles upon miracles that God had prepared for us before we even left the States. The Home Depot generously gave us a grant to cover the cost of the buckets we shipped down for the water project. We were able to purchase medicine from the local government for the first time at a much lower cost than anticipated. Our fundraising covered expenses almost to the penny.

Once in the DR His seeds of joy planted continued to spring up....

Our 2 team members coming in from Montreal were the only 2 on their flight not to get stopped at customs and have their bags x-rayed.

Our team of 18 got along, all of us, the entire time.

We were able to see 700 patients in 4 days of clinic, 2 days at the Grace & Peace clinic, 2 days mobile in the Haitian refugee village. Each person received personal, quality, look-you-in-the-eye, smile, and make-you-laugh, JOYous medical care.

Our water team distributed water filters (thanks HydroBlu) to ensure more than 800 people have access to clean water!! We brought along a teacher, our dear friend Sam who we met last year on a deserted island in Haiti. His presence was a huge blessing.

Steve, Heaton, a local Dominican and myself were baptized. We stood in cold water surrounded by some of the most amazing people I am honored to call friends and proclaimed a death to self and a resurrection with Christ into a new life.

Dr. Venglarcik saw a woman in clinic who was, as he said, “knocking at death’s door.” Her blood pressure was just 30. He relayed her condition to the others. So Steve, Tony and Karen rushed her to the local hospital. She came back to see us 2 days later and say thanks to Dr. V. He saved her life.

Roshni rehydrated a 3-day-old baby with a syringe who was brought into the mobile clinic by a distraught-looking, very young father. You know that baby got more than just water! She bathed her in prayer (and probably tears).

Angelo played baseball with the local boys, led a meeting with the leaders the local church encouraging them to build up young leaders among them. He taught our team “Magnified” in Spanish. We sang it (well we tried) during service at the local church.

We saw people different from ourselves. We touched them and hugged them. We gave them medicine. We brought filters and buckets, laughter and tears. We loved as best we could.

All that to say, THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORTED OUR RECENT MEDICAL/WATER MISSION TRIP to Barahona, Dominican Republic. For your prayers, for caring, for reading.

We now yearn more for the Kingdom come and are celebrating the fire reignited in us to pursue an exemplary life {with J•O•Y} for His glory. And pray the same for you.


Katie & Steve Swain


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