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Christmas Tradition in Balan

a conversation with Dr. Pierre and Sir Telemarque

Clinic Director Dr. Pierre meets with Sir Telemarque to talk about the annual BHP Medical Clinic Haiti Christmas food distribution. The clinic purchases and distributes special food packages of rice, spaghetti and oil to villagers in need before Christmas each year.

When Dr. Pierre asked Telemarque what he thinks about it, he answered, "It is a help you give to the community. It is favor and glory, it’s very good for everyone. Nobody has anything bad to say, because it is all about help. I’m very happy." Dr. Pierre lets him know that, God-willing, we will keep doing it every year to help the community.

This year's distribution will help 150 families, cost is $10 per family. Denote 'Christmas in Balan' if would like to donate to support this annual tradition.

To all who hunger, you are known and loved and seen by Jesus, the Bread of Life, born in Bethlehem, the House of Bread, many Christmases ago. JWAYE NWEL! {Merry Christmas}


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