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My DR Story

by Calvin Hively

A year after his first mission trip, one of the teens who joined us in the widow house construction project shares his greatest takeaway...

It was the day we landed and a little part of the day after. I remember it very clearly. We landed in the Dominican Republic and then we found the bus we had to ride to the Grace and Peace Mission. The bus was honestly one of the best though worst parts for me. The food was delicious, but the views were even better, you could just feel the culture from the sites. Though I was also very excited for the house and what we were gonna do there, just having to wait was so exhausting. Once we got to the house I was super excited by the pool and again the site from the balcony was amazing. I could look at it all day.

The feeling of just being there and seeing how different it was was amazing. I think it is just super fun being there with close friends and family.

So then the second day comes and it is pouring down rain. I mean like more than cats and dogs. We were supposed to work that day and eventually we did and on the drive to the site again you could see how drastically different it was. Once we got to work you could really see God working, using all of these different people from different backgrounds and lives to do something special for this lady. It was really something amazing.

It is still one of the favorite things I have ever done. It made me feel closer to God and appreciate what I have here in the states. Even though I do talk about the views and amazing food, I think that the way that God helped us complete the house and mission that we were there to do was really the greatest accomplishment.


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