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Stories of Hope from BHP Medical Clinic Haiti

BHP Medical Clinic Haiti celebrated its second anniversary this October. During this milestone, Director Dr. Pierre takes the time to shares simple moments from recent days at clinic. He reminds us that it's in each interaction, each offer of medication, testing, hope, kindness, prayer and human touch that clinic staff extends love week in and week out to our neighbors in Haiti. In his own words, Dr. Pierre shares...

An 80-year-old male patient who is blind presented with cough and body pain. We did a physical exam and discovered during auscultation he had wheezing in his lungs and limited body movement. We did lab tests and provided treatment for his symptoms. During his follow-up appointment 8 days later, I asked how he was feeling. He said, “Doctor I’m okay”, showed how his movement had returned to normal, no longer wheezing and then continued, “I will pray to God your clinic grows up and I will tell my family how I’m satisfied with your services.

A young 31-year-old female patient visited us after the death of her mother and father. She was not eating well. We tried to comfort her, let her know we understood how hard her situation was, and told her God can help her if she trusts him. We did hemoglobin and glucose tests. She had Anemia and the glucose were 300g/dl (as she hadn’t eaten before the test), but no history of diabetes. Before she left we talked to her and gave MTV. We encouraged her to listen to Christian music, try to laugh at home even though we know how hard it is. We’re waiting for her follow-up appointment to see how our method worked.

We hope these stories are also an encouragement to you and a reminder of God’s faithfulness and ability to light darkness - everywhere.


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