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The Power of the Gospel Message

by Marilyn Johnson


While the medical clinic addresses the physical needs of the many patients that come to the BHP Family Medical Clinic our evangelists, Handerly and Wisky, reach out to the community with the true hope for healing and wholeness found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The community is awakening!

As an evangelist teacher Wisky worked in a classroom with students who were reluctant to listen to the Gospel, but now those students willingly accepted the invitation to begin a Bible study with him… “and they have come in every appointment.”

Handerly, the other clinic evangelist, also reports a turning point which brings him such joy.. “people in the community have begun to study the word of God… something that was very difficult before.” He sent a picture of 10 members of the Bible study being presented with their own creole Bible!

The Gospel Message is powerful, the word of God penetrates the spirit controlled by demons. In the light of His love, darkness must flee!

Both evangelists report stories of focused questions about satan and his demons. As noted in Wisky’s report, “a man who was a servant of satan, but then I met with him and I presented him the gospel of the Lord God, and after a long period he made a decision to abandon the relationship with satan… and decided to walk with Jesus!” Handerly also reports that although many of them have already accepted Jesus as their Savior, demon worship and practices are still prevalent. Handerly has needed to address those questions and those strongholds surrounding a new believer. Identifying those thoughts and actions that do not glory God were discussed and explained and now the believers have a greater understanding.

Please continue to pray for our evangelists Handerly and Wisky as they continue the community outreach in and around BHP Medical Clinic Haiti:

Pray for deeper intimacy with our Father God

To hear His voice

To be assured of His presence

To trust His love and care and protection

To be strengthened by the Holy Spirit

To GO without fear and preach the Gospel


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