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The Roof Over Our Heads

Our fourteen-year-old son’s prayer of thanksgiving is often, “Thank you Lord for the roof over our heads.” He’s right, what a blessing. I’m happy to hear he feels our home is a safe place, our place to rest and recharge, and something we ought not take for granted.

This April, we have the opportunity to bless someone and help rebuild their home. Brown Horse Projects is taking a mission team to Barahona, Dominican Republic to work alongside our friends and mentors Karen and Bill Rumple of Grace and Peace Missionary Fellowship.

In addition to medical missions, children’s education, water and farming projects, church planting and prison ministry, Grace and Peace helps 100 widows and widowers by providing them with medical help and enough food for each day. According to Grace and Peace, “We follow the Word of God in 1 Timothy Chapter 5. When a widow comes to us, we interview her to see what family she has. We then place her on a waiting list until a sponsor comes along. She is also placed in her local Widow Program Bible Study and we begin helping her by taking her to the doctor for a coplete physical if she has indicated that she has a medical condition.” Through widow sponsorship Grace and Peace provides rice, beans, oil, and bouillon as well as shoes and clothing as they are donated. To date, they have built 43 homes for these widows in need. Brown Horse Projects’ team will build house number 44.

Most roofs in this area are made of zinc, so they easily rust and leak in many places. Any funds raised above our $3000 goal will go to fixing additional roofs and homes. Please include the note ‘build2022’ with your donation.


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