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This is Brown Horse.

Updated: May 26, 2021

He was handed to our family to see what we could do. When he arrived, his body was in such bad condition we didn’t know if he would survive. We hesitated to give him a name. He had been hurt so badly, he would not come near our hands and had been handled by some one in this world who could not give him what he needed. He had been orphaned. In turn, he guarded himself and used to stand at a distance in fear when we came to greet him. Over time, he became familiar with the idea of people coming to visit him, simply to say hello. Some times we would stand for an hour and talk to him. Be with him. Every visit, he would step closer. Curious.


You would never know he had ever been hurt before. Just last week Brown Horse came running to see us as we stood on the fence, whistling his name.

Brown Horse.

He showered us with lots of nuzzling, at peace, as we stood to greet him. He has accepted the love offered to him and now has such love in him. His is a story of salvation.


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