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Who is Brown Horse?

BROWN HORSE GARMENTS // Brown Horse Garments launched in 2011 to inspire

meaningful conversations through shirts with scripture on them. All proceeds went to funding other non-profits and individuals in need.

BROWN HORSE AS NONPROFIT // Brown Horse received 501c3 non-profit status in 2014 and was then able to shift mission to support Brown Horse Projects (medical, arts and evangelism).

MOBILE MEDICAL CLINICS // BHP conducts short-term mobile medical clinics each year in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Teams have been working to share the Hope of the Gospel through these trips since 2011.

BHP MEDICAL CLINIC HAITI // BHP Medical Clinic Haiti opened October 10, 2019, is currently open 2 days per week, 52 weeks per year to offer ongoing medical care to the village of Balan and surrounding areas of northern Haiti.

BHP MEDICAL CLINIC HAITI VISION // Our vision for BHP Medical Clinic Haiti is to expand the clinic facility, days open and staffing to provide additional, much-needed services.

THE BROWN HORSE MISSION // Our mission is to share the hope of the Gospel found in the love, forgiveness and relationship with Jesus Christ by providing whole health care (mental, spiritual, physical) through projects that focus on water, art, music and medicine.

HEART OF BROWN HORSE // At the heart of Brown Horse are these words, "freely you have received, freely give" by Jesus in Matthew 10.8.


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