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Willing ToGo (Africa 2012)

Updated: May 26, 2021

Two employees from Brown Horse make their way to an orphanage in Togo, West Africa. Here is the {very short} story:

Angelo and I taught art to children in crowds of 100

Togo, West Africa is a Moba (French and traditional African) speaking country. We were given interpreters to teach and communicate with the children. Amazingly, art worked best to learn about the children.

Nap time in the Mentor Leaders orphanage.

We instantly connected with Douti and sought each day to pour smiles and hugs onto him. Douti is sponsored through the non-profit, Mentor Leaders.

Brothers and sisters of the children who are not yet sponsored wait outside the feeding center while those sponsored nurish their bodies. Want to sponsor a child? Here.

Because Douti is sponsored he is able to eat two meals a day, attend school and be a part of a Christian community. Every Willing Togo shirt sold, will benefit this orphanage in Togo, Africa Thanks for modeling Cody! {a fellow Brown Horse}

There was no time wasted here. Every hour savored. Each moment a blessing and a free gift. We continue to give praise for the opportunity to know these children.

My husband and I, along with our team, returned safely after 3 full days of travel.

I spent that travel time reflecting on the reality that everything has changed, for my family and for Brown Horse Garments.

Where will Brown Horse take us now? Where has Brown Horse taken you?


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